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History of Bird Nest in China

Edible bird nest is made of swallow saliva. Swallow nest has been known since a long time ago. It is believed that at ancient time it was only strictly served as delicacies and nutritious food for Royal imperial family only. Only then ,we are now so fortunate that bird nest can be consumed widely and easily. Bird nest is believed to have lots of nutritious and healing elements. Therefore, only ancient imperial doctors were allowed to prescribe this precious secret goodies to the Royal family.
The Discovery of the treasure thing went back as far as 1368-1644. In Ming Dynasty (China), The Ming Emperor was searching for longevity herb that can prolong his age. He Summoned the best medical practisioners in the whole kingdom. Then , it was found that swallow nest was used by Royal Family to provide excellent health of the King’s family. In ancient China , Bird nest is considered to be “ Hard to find” goods. As in order to obtain it, people needed to go across oceans facing South Ocean with its wild tides.

Swallow Nest in Indonesia

Indonesia swallow nest is very famous across the globe, as a matter of fact, Indonesia is well known as the largest producer of swallow nest in the world. It is estimated that 75% of nest is supplied from Indonesia. And Indonesia nest quality is deemed to have best quality compared to others'.
According to history, swallow nest was first found in 1720. An official officer discovered nest in the cave around, Karang Bolong cave in Kebumen. He saw a flick of swallow birds were flying around the cave. Then he went into the cave because he was interested in inside the cave he accidently discovered swallow nest.