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Zhen Zhen Yan Wo
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone : +622193335522
Mobile : +6281318770766
Mobile : +6285882837080

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About Zhen Zhen Yan Wo

Zhen Zhen Yan wo is a company that is specially dealing in Yan Wo in Jakarta ( Indonesia).
Zhen Zhen Yan wo company has been in Yan wo whole sale business since 1985. We started a modest local business in Lampung ( Sumatra, Indonesia) in 1985. Initially, Ms Zhen zhen started as a small trader in the town. As time goes by, and because of the solid integrity that Ms Zhen zhen implemented in her business, the business has grown up step by step until now.

"Integrity is one of the main reason why our business has been around for 24 years. Our customers have trusted us for ages with our honesty, quality and competitive price."

Recently Zhen zhen yan wo has become one of the major supplier of edible bird nest to the world. Some of the major customers that we supply are mainly in Hong kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.
At this current time, the business had grown up significa and Canada.
Zhen zhen yan wo provides variety types of Yanwo ( See product tab). The quality that we sell is genuinely pure 100% of edible bird nest. Our quality and water content has been proven excellent time by time since 1985. Furthermore, having apart from excellent and genuine products, zhen zhen yan wo also offer reasonably competitive prices as well.
The goods news is that , now you can have excellent 100% pure Indonesia Bird nest at competitive price from Zhen Zhen Yan Wo.
Now Zhen Zhen yan wo can provide delivery to the world.  Place your order now!

“ Buy from the best supplier with quality assurance , Buy from Zhenzhen Yanwo” !
 (Quality is assured since 1985)

Warm Regards,

Cai Shu Zhen
(ZhenZhen Yan Wo)