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Nutrition Ingredients of Bird Nest

Price Nest expensive wallet. Makes people want to know the nutritional content. Moreover, nest wallet always meet traditional medicine shop window. Wallet nests made of saliva-shaped wallet thin white fibers.
What is the benefit Bulut swiftlet nests, so that its prices so high? And what substances contained in them so efficacious for health?
The research found the existence of a specific material in a swallow's nests that affect human health. Swallow's nest is a source of amino acids is very complete. Recorded 17 essential amino acids in it. (See the table below)

Composition Asam amino essensial, Semi essensial and Non essensial of bird nest
No. Asam amino Sum (%)
1. Leusin 5,9748
2. Valin 4,2705
3. Treonin 4,1686
4. Fenilalanin 3,9778
5. Lisin 2,2213
6. Isoleusin 2,0331
7. Methionin 0,1613
Semi essensial
8. Tirosin 5,2437
9. Serin 4,6602
10. Arginin 4,1251
11. Glisin 2,4528
12. Histidin 2,0536
13. Sistin 0,4609
Non essensial
14. Asam asparat 5,5546
15. Asam glutamat 5,5079
16. Prolin 4,0430
17. Alanin 1,7730

Based on the analysis in the laboratory using HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography), amino acid content over home nest lengakp dbandingkan dengaln nest cave. Amino acids contained in the swallow's nest was very good for body health. According to the research-Qin Yu Y, burrow X, Z Hua-xing, and Bu-sen (2000). By using the method gaz chromatographic (GC). Once identified, the results of composition swiftlet nests composed of oligosaccharide chains, in combination with a glycoprotein structure. In it, there are 5 types of content monose, namely D-Glactosamine, N-acetyl-D-Galactosamine, N-acettyl-D-glutocosamine, and N-Acetylneuraminate. Therefore, swallow's nest contains a number of necessary nutrients the human body. In the table below we can see that there is content on the swallow's nest:

Nutrient Bird Nest per 100g
Contents Bird nest
Calories (kal) 281
Protein (g) 37,5
Fats (g) 0,3
Carbohydrates (g) 32,1
Calsiums (mg) 485
Phosphor (mg) 18
Iron (mg) 3
Vit A (SI) 0
Vit B1 (mg) 0
Vit C 0
Water (g) 24,5

Benefits of Bird nest

Benefits bird nests are very varied. There have been many and countless more people who have received benefits from swallow's nests very magical.
Swallow's nests in sinyalir can cure almost every disease. Research also continues on to do and have been found to affect the active ingredients for human health is 9 octadecenoic acid. So it is true that swallow nest can increase vitality. The kadungan HAD (hexadecenoic acid) can serve as enhancers work function so as to stimulate ezim metabolism 3 to 5 times as much. This is why the price function of swallow's nests are very expensive. Kerana can improve the fitness, and maintaining stamina.
As for other properties in the nest swiftlet sinyalir that can restore sexual desire. Because if the regular consumption of bias makes the body become fitter and fitter body increases sex desire. This is because the bird's nest contains a very high protein.
According to the study, proteins of animal origin compounds proved to have a more complex bond than from vegetable protein. The results mentioned turunanya-one has been carefully Azitothymidine to fight AIDS.
Waltet nest containing 17 essential amino acids can control the attack and assault storke cancer cells. While the 6 minerals, such as kalksium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and sodium is very supportive body activity. Calcium example samang role in the formation of bone.
Some Sinshe Traditional China said that swiftlet nests are used in a lot of medicine. Swiftlet nests in believed to heal illness bias lungs, Asama, heat in, and swallow the circulation darah.Sarang also very beneficial for pregnant mothers. By eating regularly nest swiftlet, will memubat birth with lancer nets, and create smoother skin. Not only for the good of the baby. Swallow's nest is also known as a food for beauty. Thus, many famous artists as well as China's Hong Kong consumes swiftlet nests to create a bright and smooth skin.

Based on our research, swiftlet nests can also overcome cancer. It has been tested by research in mice. In the study, rats in 2 separate groups. The first group were given additional feed swiftlet nests, and the second group of mice tidak.Kedua groups of rats were given food carcinogenic substances (triggers cancer). As a result, groups of rats given swiftlet nests only 30% with cancer. While group 2, which is not given all swiftlet nests cancer.

In China, swiftlet nests, used as an exotic food, and delicates. So besides the great food, swiftlet nest as well as in cleaning bugkan bacteria. That is revealing content and efficacy of swiftlet nests that have been empirically recognized by nutrition experts and medical treatment.

The following table below swiftlet nests benefits for human health (see below table)

Benefits of Bird Nest
Benefits Category (%)
Maintaining freshness of the body 90,9
Cure respiratory diseases 40,9
Increase vitality 13,6
Keeping youthness 13,6
Maintaining beauty 22,7
Cure generative diseases 31,8
Prevent cancer disease 9,1
Eliminate the influence of alcohol 9,1
Increase concentration 9,1