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Zhen Zhen Yan Wo
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Asthma problem

1) My father has been coughing for a long time due to excessive smoking habit. I have tried so many kind of medicine trying to cure my dad. However, lots of medicine only can cure him for temporary time. Until I tried to use Yan wo from Zhen Zhen Yanwo when I was in duty in Jakarta Indonesia. Since, the regular consumption of Bird Nest, my father now feel so much ease on his coughing and he feels that he can breathe so easily. And his health condition has improves so much since then.

Thank you Zhen zhen yan wo. My father now asks me to bring zhen zhen yan wo from Jakarta regularly.

From Mr Qiu


Breast Cancer

2) I felt there was a bump on my breast area when I was 25 year old. I thought the bump was not a problem at all. Until I went to see a doctor and diagnosed that I had breast cancer. At that time, I felt like hopeless, because I heard lots of people who had this kind of breast cancer had to go “surgery”. Doctor advised me to undergo “Surgery”. However, I refused to do so , because I am afraid of undergoing an operation. After some consultation from my close relative. They advised me to consume some “Bird nest”. Miracle happened to me. Praise the Lord, after has been taking a regular consumption around 4 months of Bird nest from Zhen Zhen yan wo, the bump decreased in size and now the bump had completely gone. Bravo and Thank you Zhen zhen Yan wo for the Miracle goods!

Ms Yulianti setiawan.


Smooth delicate skin face:

3) Hi, my name is Ling-ling. When I was in the 20’th , I used to have skin problem on my skin face. My skin face type was oily. Therefore, my skin face was filled with lots of pimples ( acnes). I had been to medical doctors for several times. However, maximum result was not achieved yet. My skin face still had some marks left. Luckily, since the regular consumption of bird nest. My skin face became smoother and delicate. Thank you Zhenzhenyanwo for providing quality bird nest.


Ms Ling ling